DiaMetrix Blood Sugar Support Landmark Clinical Study Results
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Wholesale Program

DiaMetrixHealth.com Offers a Wholesale Program to Health Food Stores, and Health Practitioners.

Please call us for pricing, minimums, terms and distributor programs. Our Toll Free Number is 800-892-9794.

Market: Diabetes was a 3 billion dollar market in 2006 and is projected to be 30 billion in the next 10 years.
There are 20 million diagnosed diabetics in the US and an estimated 10 million more undiagnosed.

Interest Level: Over the past year we have had hundreds of phone calls from interested consumers asking us where they could find the product locally in a health food store.

Referrals and Testimonials: The diabetic community is a close knit group and aggressively share new information on products that will lower their blood sugar. DiaMerix testimonials are too many to mention here so again view our website

Safety: DiaMetrix is totally non-toxic. DiaMetrix comes with a complete Gold Standard, Double Blind randomized study,
unlike any other supplement in the diabetic category.

We have the proof of effectiveness. This study is available on our website.

Affiliate Program: We have an optional affiliate website program if you choose. All details are located on the bottom of each page “just click the affiliate link.”


DiaMetrix Success Stories for Blood Sugar Support

DiaMetrix Clinical Study for Blood Sugar Support

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Code Blue Report for DiaMetrix Blood Sugar Support

Special Report:
"Health Care
Code Blue"

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Glycemic Index Website: It's all in what we eat!

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